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Dr. Neal Stepping Down, Restructuring Plan Under Way

Springtime famously ushers in new growth and creativity, and with it new directions. This spring is no different, with ISSCA Founding Member and Director Dr. Edward Neal and ISSCA Researcher and Director of Operations Caroline Strassburg announcing plans for the Xinglin Institute (, a multi-disciplinary, classically-oriented research institute. We are very excited to see this…


Scholars Retreat Postponed

Scholars Retreat Postponed Due to an internal reorganization effort and budgetary constraints, the Scholars Retreat 2013 has been postponed. We hope to resume the conference next year with similar presenters, including Z’ev Rosenberg, Lorraine Wilcox, David White, Jason Robertson, Michael Givens, Nathan Garretson, Mitesh Master, Brad Hamlin, and Pikshan Ko, among others. We apologize for…

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Announcing the 4th Anuual Scholars Retreat!

Announcing the 4th Annual Scholars Retreat! August 22-26, 2013 There is much to learn and discover during this ambitious retreat. With Trout Lake Abbey as the venue and Mt. Adams watching over, and with the support and nourishment of the monastic residents at the Mt. Adams Zen Center and Druid Sanctuary, the classical notions of…


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the new face of the International Society for the Study of Classical Acupuncture. Since the Annual Scholars Retreat in late August, member Christopher Thombs (Media and Communications Specialist) and Ed Neal (Director) have been hard at work building the new website, with many others contributing to the content.